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Call to Action: A Team-Based Approach to Reducing Healthcare-Acquired Infections (HAIs)

Here is a great article written by our Co-Founder, Richard Dixon.


Discover the power of a team-based approach in reducing healthcare-acquired infections (HAIs). In the article "Call to Action: A Team-Based HAI Response," written by Richard Dixon, co-founder of CHAIR Coalition, the importance of collaboration among healthcare departments is emphasized. By establishing a patient care multi-disciplinary team (PC-MDT) consisting of infection prevention, environmental services, laboratory, and other stakeholders, we can tackle HAIs effectively. Imagine improved patient outcomes, reduced healthcare costs, and a safer environment for all. Explore the full article to learn more about the transformative impact of teamwork in HAI reduction.


Download the full article here: Call to Action A Team-Based HAI Response.pdf

Tammy Friederich at 5:04 PM
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