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Transforming Healthcare Hygiene: Addressing the Hidden Risks in Sink Design


Discover the hidden risks lurking within healthcare sinks and the potential solutions in "Transforming Healthcare Hygiene," a groundbreaking article by Richard Dixon and David Koenig, PhD. Sink design directly influences the spread of pathogens and antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in healthcare settings. By exploring innovative concepts like EasyFlow, this article highlights the crucial need to rethink sink configurations to enhance patient safety and reduce the threat of AMR.


Download the full article here: Learn More About Sink Pathogens.pdf






Call to Action: A Team-Based Approach to Reducing Healthcare-Acquired Infections (HAIs)" by Richard Dixon


Discover the power of a team-based approach in reducing healthcare-acquired infections (HAIs). In the article "Call to Action: A Team-Based HAI Response," written by Richard Dixon, co-founder of CHAIR Coalition, the importance of collaboration among healthcare departments is emphasized. By establishing a patient care multi-disciplinary team (PC-MDT) consisting of infection prevention, environmental services, laboratory, and other stakeholders, we can tackle HAIs effectively. Imagine improved patient outcomes, reduced healthcare costs, and a safer environment for all. Explore the full article to learn more about the transformative impact of teamwork in HAI reduction.


Download the full article here: Call to Action A Team-Based HAI Response.pdf