Coalition for Community & Healthcare Acquired Infection Reduction
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CHAIR Canada

We are now: The Coalition for Community and Healthcare Acquired Infection Reduction.


CHAIR Vision

Safe spaces, free from pathogens.


CHAIR Mission

Inspire and guide engineered solutions.

CHAIR was formed in 2014 with the goal of supporting the creation of a safe healthcare environment for Canadian patients, staff, and visitors by achieving an 80% reduction in healthcare acquired infections (HAIs) by 2024. CHAIR is a coalition of members working on introducing engineered solutions to reduce HAIs.


In 2022 the coalition revised its vision and mission and developed a new strategic roadmap (2022-2024). It seeks to have a more significant impact on reducing community and healthcare acquired infections by building awareness and facilitating the application of engineered solutions (air, water, and surface).

HAI Reduction ROI

In 2014 Chair was formed to address Canada’s ever increasing problem of healthcare acquired infections (HAIs). 


Hospital acquired infections are a devastating health crisis that must be resolved.


  • 1 out of 10 Canadian patients acquires an infection from the hospital – that’s 200,000 people each year.
  • 5% die – 10,000 Canadians who acquire infection from a hospital will die.
  • It costs Canadians $4 to $5 billion each year to treat hospital acquired infections.


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Return on Investment –

Save Lives, Save Money


An 80% reduction in HAIs saves 8,000 lives. Reduce acquired infections by 160,000 cases, and we can save $3.2 – $4 billion annually.


Read more about ROI here.

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