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HAI Reduction Return on Investment

HAI Reduction ROI

Canada has the HIGHEST rate of all hospital acquired infection rates in developed countries at 10.5% (WHO 2009). 


An 80% reduction in HAIs could save 8,000 lives. Reduce acquired infections by 160,000 cases and Canadians can save $3.2 – $4 billion each year in healthcare spending.


The impact of healthcare acquired infections is devastating. Solutions to HAIs must be found.


  • 1 out of 10 Canadian patients gets an infection from the hospital. That’s 200,000 people each year.
  • Five percent die – 10,000 Canadians who acquire an infection from a hospital will die each year.
  • HAIs account for more deaths in Canada than car accidents, breast cancer and HIV/AIDs combined.


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HAIs in Developed Nations*




Canada 10.5%
Finland 8.5%


Greece 8.6%
Ireland 7.6%
Italy 4.6%
Norway 5.1%
Scotland 9.5%
Slovenia 4.6%
Switzerland 10.1%
United Kingdom 7.6%
United States 4.5%


*World Health Organization 2009.