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2014 CHAIR Accomplishments

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  • Coalition for Healthcare Acquired Infection Reduction (CHAIR) formed.
  • THE WAR ON SUPERBUGS A NEW APPROACH FOR HAIS, Canadian Healthcare Facilities Magazine, Barry Hunt, page 14.  

  • Re-Thinking HVAC and HAI’s: CHAIR’s Strategy for Enhancing Patient Protection, Canadian Healthcare Facilities Magazine, Page 18.

  • Somethings in the Air: UVC Technology Improves IAQ by Effectively Destroying Unwanted Germs, Canadian Healthcare Facilities Magazine, Allan Pinkerton, Page 18.

  • CHAIR Canada visited DIRRT (Do It Right This Time) in Calgary who manufacture a very innovative modular wall system for healthcare that includes built in electrical and medical gas systems.

  • CHAIR helped to review an innovative system developed by Biovigil that links their very small monitoring badge that scrutinizes the staff compliance rate using existing wall mounted hand gels.

  • Ultraviolet Light Disinfection, Vancouver General Hospital, Summer, 2014

    The use of mobile UVC light systems enhanced the reduction of C diff in patient rooms, reduced outbreaks, and reduced costs of overtime cleaning to contracted environmental services company.

    Pre-Clean 7 of 21 patients with C diff measured in room.

    Post-Clean 5 of 21 patients with C diff measured in room.

    Post UVC Disinfection 0 of 21 patients with C diff measured in room.


RD UVC Mobile Unit In Hospital Study




Project Role: Project Manager for Product Acquisition and Logistics and Scheduling of Environmental Cleaning


  • CHAIR is working with Canadian Standards Association on a new standard on “Healthcare Acquired Infections” which would include clear definitions of key issues like what is an antimicrobial product etc.
  • CHAIR sent a submission to the Canadian Standards Association HVAC Standard committee Z317.2-10 for the inclusion of Log6 UV Lights in HVAC Units, pressurization of in-patient units, relocation of return air grill from above the toilet in patient bathrooms, and use of HEPA filters in HVAC.


  • CHAIR showcases engineered IPC at OHA Health Achieve.


  • Over 10 CHAIR Members.