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2021 CHAIR Accomplishments

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  • Foothills Hospital, Alberta Health Services - SATP NT UV Light Testing, Jan 2021.

This study evaluated the efficacy of 15 min cycles of AutoUV located 8’ above the finished floor (AFF) against VRE, MRSA, OXA48, B. subtilis spores & C. difficile spores at floor level, 20” AFF, and 28” AFF in a highly secure hospital tissue transplant processing room.


The study found >Log5 reduction of vegetative bacteria in 15 min. Spores required longer. Most of the reduction occurs in the first few minutes. Interrupted cycles are as effective as complete cycles. UVC does not penetrate petri plate plastic, agar, or feces. There was no difference in efficacy at the 3 different heights AFF. Very heavy growth can cause clumping and shielding, reducing UVC effectiveness.









Project Role: Project Manager for Product Acquisition and Logistics and Scheduling of Clinical Testing