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About b-MOLA: 


b-MOLA, specializing in household air purifiers, introduces the Ocean Sunfish (Mola) as its emblem. Powered by NCCO (Nano Confined Catalytic Oxidation) technology, our air purification services excel in quality, efficacy, and purification ability, shaping a market conscious of energy conservation, environmental protection, and human health. Developed by a Hong Kong scientific team with patents worldwide, NCCO reflects cutting-edge thinking, imitating the structure of natural volcanic rock for efficient pollution purification.

Unlike conventional technologies, NCCO absorbs and purifies pollutants in a single system, preventing secondary pollution and extending the filter's life to an impressive 12 years. This addresses a market critique of short filter lifespans, providing users with a cost-effective and safe air purification method.

NCCO's advantages include continuous decomposition of VOCs, sterilization, improved nasal sensitivity, and environmental friendliness. It effectively removes smoke, kills bacteria and viruses, filters allergens, and enhances indoor air quality, contributing to economic benefits and a higher quality of life. 

Discover a new era of air purification with b-MOLA. Elevate your environment, enhance your well-being, and breathe in the future of cleaner living. For further information, explore our innovative solutions at Choose b-MOLA, where every breath is a step towards a healthier and sustainable lifestyle. 


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About Circuit Edge:


Circuit Edge designs and manufactures infection control devices. Its flagship product, Intelligent Sink Trap, employs patented copper ion technology to consistently disinfect the P-trap, an area prone to the proliferation of antibiotic-resistant bacteria due to stagnant water. The copper ion technology used actively reduces bioburden with the goal of breaking the biofilm formation cycle and reducing the risk of wash sink backsplash resulting in infection breakouts in the patient rooms.

Circuit Edge was founded by Hossein Zereshkian BSc. P. Eng with more than 45 years of experience in Design, Development and manufacturing of Electronic products. Hossein along with the parent company, Circuit Plus, has outstanding record for 24 years as design and manufacture partner for various organizations and holds 6 patents for various innovative product.

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About Clorox Pro:


CloroxPro is a leading manufacturer of cleaning and disinfecting products, delivering some of the most trusted infection prevention solutions for healthcare settings. We are committed to providing the best possible safeguards for healthcare facilities, not just the right products, but the right training, education, and disinfection protocols. With a broad range of innovative ready-to-use disinfectants such as CloroxPro, Clorox Healthcare Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaner Disinfectant Wipes, CloroxPro Clorox Healthcare VersaSure Alcohol-Free Cleaner Disinfectant Wipes, CloroxPro Clorox Healthcare Disinfecting Bleach Germicidal Wipes and CloroxPro Clorox Healthcare Fuzion Cleaner Disinfectant, we partner with healthcare professionals to help eliminate environment as a source of infections. Backed by over a century of disinfecting expertise, CloroxPro products are Health-Canada registered to provide some of the fastest contact times in the industry. 


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About Coptek:

Coptek offers self-sanitizing products and solutions meant to retrofit over high-touch surfaces. Our flagship product is a PMRA approved copper-based adhesive patch that is flexible and wraps over existing high-touch surfaces.

Most facilities we encounter wipe high-touch surfaces 0-3x per day. Our PMRA approved antimicrobial copper patches are equivalent to a sanitized surface every 5-minutes, or 250x per day. 

Our products can be found in public transport, universities, healthcare facilities, exercise facilities, public sector, and private sector.


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About Delta:


With roots dating back over 100 years, Delta® Commercial has made reliable plumbing solutions that withstand the most demanding environments like hospitals and schools, where durability, hygiene, and efficiency are essential. Understanding the unique demands of the commercial market, their products go far beyond excellent design to incorporate smart thinking, exceptional performance, and cutting-edge technology.


Delta® Commercial consistently seeks out innovative solutions to help people use water more efficiently. The features found across their product offerings improve the everyday lives of people in high-traffic public spaces, offering reliable, innovative hands-free solutions to help reduce the number of high-touch surfaces including:


● Proximity® Sensing Technology: Allows the user to turn on the water by simply placing a hand near the faucet. The entire faucet body acts as a sensor, responding when activated, and is designed for tough conditions and busy facilities that require hands-free operation, vandal resistance, reliable operation, and ease of maintenance.


● H2Optics® Sensing Technology: Offering one of the most advanced sensing technologies in the industry for electronic faucets and flush valves, H2Optics® accurately senses the user’s distance, regardless of external factors such as light reflection, clothing colour, and textures, or dryness of one’s skin, providing consistent, dependable results.


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About EOS Surfaces:


EOS Surfaces, LLC is a medical technology developer and manufacturer in Norfolk, VA. The company has developed novel and proprietary processes for embedding biocidal, essential metals into different polymers with the purpose of creating self-sanitizing and biocidal therapies for implementation in hospitals as part of their infection prevention protocol. Complimentary to and compatible with all infection prevention processes on the market, EOSCU is the only practical, long-lasting intervention that continuously self-sanitizes without additional human intervention and training. Published clinical trials show statistically significant reductions in actual incidents of healthcare associated infection and maintained, overall lower mean bioburden beyond 24 hours. EOScu is available in slabs that can be fabricated just like any other solid surface, as well as thermoformed into a variety of complex shapes. Also available are overbed tables, which alone have contributed to significant reductions in healthcare-associated infections.


The company also developed Health. Care. | An Educational Blog that serves as a unique and valuable resource for patients, physicians and the hospital C-suite.


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About Infection Control Training Group (ICTG):


The Infection Control Training Group (ICTG) is one of the premier training resources in Canada that provides real-world and practical infection prevention and control (IPAC) education, training, and instruction solutions to those who are in involved in health care facility (“HCF”) design, planning, construction, renovation, or maintenance projects/work. Our highly qualified instructors have over 60 years of combined knowledge and experience in assisting various stakeholders with identifying, assessing, controlling, and managing our clients’ potential infection risks, including providing highly engaging and dynamic adult education and training. We firmly believe that engineering out pathogen and infection risks is not just possible but is a requirement to keep facility occupants healthy and safe. We promote and teach engineered building solutions, as well as engineered control and management solutions, to encourage our participants to think and implement “prevention” first, rather than reacting to infection once they have occurred. Our internal goal is to help our clients understand the importance of identifying then controlling and managing the infection risk before it happens.


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About Teck Copper & Health:


As a major copper producer, Teck works to raise awareness and advocate for the use of copper as an innovative solution to healthcare-acquired infections, as well as infections resulting from bacteria spread in busy public spaces. Through the Copper & Health program, Teck seeks to improve health outcomes for people and communities while also raising awareness about the important role that mining and metals play in our everyday lives. Teck does not create any products or provide metal for these products, but works in in partnership with organizations such as CHAIR and other non-profits, governments, and companies that install, produce and use antimicrobial copper products to deliver demonstration and research projects to build awareness of the benefits of copper.


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About Westech:


Westech’ s mission is to provide our clients with best-in-class cleaning auditing systems and services to reduce the spread of infection, create safer working and patient environments, and improve staff morale – all while improving the bottom line. The key elements of our cleanliness auditing services are audit standards, certification training, technology, and independent audits.


Our cloud-based system incorporates the ability to do many different types of assessments on the cleaning being performed to ensure that not only is your facility clean from a public perception standpoint but that it is clean from an infection control perspective. Built into our auditing formats are industry standards for how to perform audits, how to properly clean and how to coach your staff to ensure the educational training moments are completed in a positive and engaging manner.


In addition to setting our clients up with best of class cleaning auditing systems we also provide impartial, unannounced independent housekeeping audits that can act as a check and balance for your internal program to ensure that everyone is one the same page. Westech is acutely aware of our independent position, and we are extremely proud of the work we have done in Canada since we started in 1994.


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