Coalition for Community & Healthcare Acquired Infection Reduction
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CHAIR Vision

Safe spaces, free from pathogens.


CHAIR Mission

Inspire and guide engineered solutions.




Core Goals for Infection Reduction



Knowledge Building + Awareness


Greater knowledge and capacity across sectors to apply engineered solutions to address health security.





Innovation + Implementation


New solutions are developed, tested, and implemented in public and health spaces.







With strategic partners, CHAIR is a key voice for change in policies, legistlation, regulation, and standards. Greater public awareness of engineered solutions helps drive improved health security.





Network Development


Members and network clusters collaborate and engage for greater impact.



  • Promoting the use of safe and scientifically proven ultraviolet light disinfection in healthcare and the community.
  • Reframe UVC disinfection as the primary means of disinfection rather than a secondary method.
  • Establishing anti-microbial efficacy of various touch surfaces.
  • Establishing the effectiveness of lavatory downdraft to reduce bacteria spread.
  • Promote the use of self sanitizing surfaces such as copper alloys on high touch surfaces in healthcare and the community.
  • Investigating the feasibility of hydrogen peroxide and ozone fogging systems in healthcare.
  • Understanding the anti-microbial effectiveness of woven copper and silver threads in bed linen and draperies.
  • Quantifying HAI reductions, cost and return on investment of above multifactorial approach.
  • Support clinical and community engineered infection prevention trials that achieve CHAIR goals.
  • Identifying and providing applicable content for the relevant CSA Healthcare Standards.
  • Establishing a CSA Standard and CSA Product Certification for antimicrobial ratings.
  • Identifying and creating content for the relevant ISO healthcare product standards.
  • Publishing results from each trial site, and a comprehensive meta study for industry/healthcare use.
  • Educating and advocating through professional organizations: CSA, CHES, CCHE, IPAC.
  • Bringing awareness to airborne pathogen transmission like COVID.


Testing environments to assess the efficacy of:


  • Antimicrobial coatings on high touch surfaces

  • UV light application

  • Toilet downdraft applications

  • In duct disinfection technologies

Develop procedures with infection control and microbiology stakeholders to audit disinfection processes as part of Quality Management System for the following:


  • ATP Testing
  • Culture Sampling
  • Image Capture Technology
  • Glow Germ Testing


Safe spaces graphic pertaining air, surfaces, and water.